Mpastanis Security offers an excellently trained human taskforce for the protection of your business, VIP escorting and regular patrolling in the eastern suburbs of Attica.

Since you are offered the possibility to be and feel safe, by combining, on one hand, the appropriate technological infrastructure (alarm systems, cameras etc), and perfectly trained security staff on the other, you don’t need to expose yourself to danger. The best thing you can do is to contact us, and we will have one of our security specialists check and evaluate weak points and potential for danger, for your safety.


mpastanis φυλαξη χωρων


Business security and guarding

When it comes to security, with your own personal needs in mind, we assign experienced, trained guards to businesses and building facilities, who will be meticulously keeping a record of:
– Vehicles and visitors who come in and out of the building facilities.
– Staff and customers in case of stealing or shoplifting.
– Guarding 24 hours a day, all year around

VIP protection

Some people, such as businessmen, politicians, journalists, shipowners – because of the nature of their job, as well as their fame and recognizability – are exposed to more dangers threating their safety.
The bodyguards we provide you with are very knowledgeable self-defense experts, while they also detect people who move suspiciously, and are perfectly capable of treating any sort of event which could physically harm the VIP they have under their protection.


It is an actual fact that the delinquency rates in areas of Eastern Attica (Gerakas, Pallini, Glyka Nera, Pikermi, Nea Makri, Marathonas) have increased dramatically in recent years, while the authorities are unable to patrol every inch of these key areas.
In this case, the most recommended and beneficial -economically- solution, is guarding your neighborhood with a Mpastanis Security patrol service.


mpastanis φυλαξη χωρων


Our company provides highly trained professionals with patrol vehicles, and is dedicated 24 hours a day, to the patrolling of a particular neighborhood.

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