Fire Detection: Protect yourself directly and effectively from the fiery fires

At Mpastanis Security we commit ourselves to protecting your home and business in all areas of security. This
is the reason why we do not only protect you from burglaries and bandits, but we also want to provide you
with the necessary fire detection equipment to manage any fatal consequences in your home due to a fire.
It is necessary to install a complete fire detection system in our residence to prevent partial or total damage
caused by the fire. At a company like Mpastanis Security, which takes all the data into account, the fact that –
according to the Fire Department – more than 90% of the deaths from home fires in Greece in 2017 were due
to tobacco, cannot be underestimated.

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What is a fire alarm?

It is a safety mechanism which triggers a warning sound in a possible smoke or fire detection event, and it is
installed in whichever spaces you care to protect. If a fire starts, it needs to be detected as quickly as possible
and addressed in time as well as entirely, since damage to your property and your health in case if a slow
response or a mistake, may be irreparable.

What are the building blocks of a fire detection system?

A reliable fire alarm needs to detect the fire immediately, while it is still at an early stage, and certainly before
it becomes threatening. This is precisely the aim of Mpastanis Security fire detection system – to avert or
stop potential damage at minimum cost.

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An integrated fire detection device consists of:
– a central unit which receives the fire alerts, and then sends a signal to the Alarm Signal Reception Center, which in
turn activates the fire protocol, instantly informing the Fire Brigade, the ambulance or the police.
– smoke sensor, which instantly detects the tiniest source of smoke
– a fire detector, which detects any luminous glow in the area
– high intensity 85db alarm siren, which sounds loud enough to force you to leave the point and not
compromise your physical integrity.


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The battle against fire is one of Mpastanis Security fundamental goals to protect your home or your
business. Our “weapons” in this battle, beyond our many years of experience and the resulting know-how we
have acquired, are fire detection systems, as well as the reception and management of alerts.

Call us immediately, and one of our Mpastanis Security’s experts, specializing in fire protection will conduct a
thorough security enquiry on your home or business to establish which points are best suited for the
installation of a fire alarm.
Once the required enquiry has been completed, the installation of the fire detection device can move on
straightforwardly and without any difficulty, as there is no need to add wiring or perform additional tasks.

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