You can now be away from home or your office and feel totally carefree, by surveilling your property from cameras through your mobile

You want to take a short trip for a few days abroad and you’re worried whether your residence is going to be targeted by burglars? Are you on vacation with your family in the countryside,
but you feel unable to calm down, as your mind is constantly on your property and the threats it may be under?
If you’re after a solution that will to make you feel safer, Mpastanis Security has the best suggestion to make: to surveil your residence or office wherever you are and for as long as you want. All you need is an Internet connection, and with your PC, Tablet or smartphone,
you will be able to keep a watch on your property over a distance. Mpastanis Security CCTV systems will become the extension of your eyes, they will keep an eye on and record everything that is taking place.


Closed-circuit CCTV systems

Closed-circuit TV systems were created with the protection of residential and professional spaces in mind – spaces which could put your loved ones and your property in danger.
A Closed-Circuit System is a system which transmits images and stores them on a network which only a limited number of people can access – once they are connected to that network.
The term Closed-Circuit Television is more widely known in its abbreviated form – CCTV.
Thanks to their flexibility and their broad spectrum of choices they offer, CCTV systems range from simple (e.g. a simple camera-monitor system) to complex (e.g. systems with 100 or more cameras, multiple monitors, recording and surveillance media, camera controllers, image multiplexers).
These “smart” systems can sense – by processing the common paths people follow in a given area – possibly threatening moves and preemptively activate the alarm.

Watch live, immediately and easily, all that takes place in your space of interest

The surveillance procedure is very simple. A closed-circuit system allows you to watch live anything that takes place in your space, or record video through cameras for any given time segment.
By using the accompanying software, you can rewind and watch video from any individual camera, either through your computer, or smartphone app.
Every camera is represented by an icon, and by double-clicking on it, the corresponding camera view is displayed on your screen.
You can also control moveable cameras with your mouse in real time, point them to anywhere you like, and zoom in on faces or objects that you like.
In cases of more complex surveillance systems, whose security specifications are more complex, cameras and monitors are set up based on the case’s demands.
The central system comes with a control keyboard which controls the rotating cameras at the move of your wrist. This system’s applications offer a plethora of choices which are adjusted
to the customer’s needs, achieving exceptionally reliable security levels.

The 5 reasons why you will be rewarded for choosing to install a surveillance system

1. On time infiltration alert: Looking at the recorded images, you can immediately analyze the incident and alert the police if decided they are needed.
2. Real time surveillance: You can follow all that is happening at home or at your office, aiming at the prompt and dynamic intervention of a security service or the police. In businesses you can monitor your staff to see to what extent they do what they must, as well as who comes in and who goes out.
3. Entrance control: Allows recording and analysis of images to control entry privileges to individuals and vehicles.
4. Deterrence: Deter break-ins and stealing, either by customers or by your staff. Have you ever wondered “which thief would ever want to be surveilled or recorded?”. The answer is “no one”. Bear in mind anyway, that burglars look for areas and entry points where security levels are at a minimum.
5. Non-stop surveillance: Surveillance and protection every day, all year round, 24 hours a day.


Upgrade your equipment to high definition (HD), at a low cost

The HDCVI (Hight Definition Composite Video Interface) is a new system which allows you to receive high definition video (720/1080p) through a coaxial cable or a UTP, without the need
to revert to IP systems.
The installation cost of a DVR and HDCVI camera system is similar to analogue systems, allowing swiftly upgrade your pre-existing CCTV system to a high definition setup, just by replacing your analogue equipment and taking advantage of the existing wiring.
This technology allows the transmission of video and sound signals through a single cable, allowing great quality signal reception over large distances, without interferences.


The advantages of analogue video systems

Analogue video is the predecessor of Closed-Circuit TV. The image travels in the form of a signal through cables. It is collected by an end device and decoded into an image, which is in turn stored on a hard disc.
Analogue video systems are usually quite cheap compared to the functionality they offer.
Compared to digital systems, analogue systems have lower cost, they can work with Ultra High Definition HD (4K) cameras, are easy to install and offer a wide range of manufacturing and installation choices.

The new market trend: Digital Video or IP systems

Digital video or IP systems, which is the new trend in the market in the past recent years, allows control over every aspect of the system through the TCP/IP protocol.
This system operates under the same philosophy with analogue video but has adjusted to the new technologies of the digital era: the signal is digital and is fed into a network of computers where it is stored.
Contrasting the previous system, with IP VIDEO we can achieve safe backing-up and unlimited storage. But the most important advantage is accessing the video signal through the Internet, from any place in the world.

Make the right choice, through correct evaluation of your space of interest

To make the best possible choice of a surveillance systems, it is necessary to identify and evaluate the characteristics of the space in question, such as the distances that need to be covered, identify the number of cameras needed, the surveillance points and image quality.
It is worth noting that both technologies can be combined into a hybrid system, starting from an analogue installation and conserving part of it, and then simply completing the rest of the
installation with IP technology.

Locate infiltrators, before they break into your property through Intelligent Video Analytics

Intelligent Video Analytics, which is a combination of both technologies, has become part of security services to a large degree in the recent years, and has made its presence known.
What is intended to do is to exploit every single image pixel picked up by the camera, allowing processing, analyzing, surveillance and control of all images in the video surveillance systems. It exceptionally complements Controlled Entry, allowing the verification of every incident.
Intelligent Video Analytics allows the integration of additional applications with a surveillance system, such as object tracking, thieving identification, person and vehicle counting, car plate
reading, motion sensing, identification of pre-planned movement.
It can offer genuine, first-hand information – even before sounding the alarm – on what happened, how an object disappeared, tracking individuals etc. It is a system which acts pre-emptively, since infiltrators are tracked by the time they approach or while attempting to jump over your property’s fence.

Most important advantages of Video Analysis

Identifies incidents which cannot be tracked by other systems and notifies the security service. The software analyzes human and vehicle behavior in real time in the periphery, reducing false alarms, which often occur on normal systems.

Locating infiltrators is immediate and fully automated, bypassing any possibility of a mistake, which is a common occurrence when operating on staff – attention span is steeply reduced after the first 20 minutes on the job, according to studies.

Resource Savings
Employees, who would normally have to keep an eye on the monitors, are released of duty, hence reducing costs, allowing them to dedicate their full attention to other, more productive activities.

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