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The story of Mpastanis Security – the vision of its founder

The story of Mpastanis Security begins in 2008 with its creator, Yorgos Mpastanis, who, after a year-long, successful career in security companies at key posts, decides to build his own path, by founding a new, innovative company, which, in a short amount of time, will manage to evolve into the most dynamically growing security and alarm systems company in Attica.

“Every property that is protected, is part of our property”

The secret of Mpastanis Security’s success, is inseparably connected with its founder’s philosophy, who always applied and continues to apply the principle which states that “every property protected, it is as if his own property is protected”. It is not by chance in any case, that Mr. Mpastanis’s main goal for the company was the creation of the most effective team specializing in the installation and maintenance of security systems.

From philosophy to practice: How are principles create top tier solutions

From the very first year of operation, Mpastanis Security is methodically providing high quality services to its customers with increased added value. The customer-centered approach is put into practice through research, continuous education and the implementation of new, alternative solutions and products, all of which are values which offer us the opportunity to adopt the most contemporary, cutting-edge technologies in the field of security systems.

The new trends in the field of security systems.

In the past few years, the field of security systems has been enriched with new, pioneering technologies. The most recent developments, entail the harmonious coupling of devices, such as motion sensors, alarms, cameras, with a variety of signal transmission methods. It is these days possible to surveil at any one time your residence or your business space via your mobile phone – smartphone.

The client’s real needs, our unnegotiable values

At our company we believe that the most capable person to decide on the type of security system that must be installed is the client himself, since he is the one who knows what his needs are more than anyone else. Our role is to present the characteristics of every security system to the client, distinguishing between the different technologies and the competitive advantages of each, so that, in the end, the customer chooses the system which protects his property in the best possible way.

This particular philosophy has played a catalytic role in becoming one of the most reliable and renowned businesses in the field of security systems in the Northern and Eastern suburbs of Athens. It is not by chance anyway, that large companies, distinguished hospitals, industrial complexes, public institutions, municipal buildings, and museums, have entrusted us, just as we have protected them with our provided security services.

How do we secure the best results for you?

The success story of Mpastanis Security is based on the following principles, to which we abide with the utmost sense of duty and absolute commitment to our mission and vision.


We have rightfully gained the trust of our clients, in more than 20 years of operation in the field of security systems. Our company does not negotiate this fundamental value, which constitutes the core of its value system.


We never stop evolving; on the contrary, we are continuing steadily and dynamically our course upwards, in parallel with new technologies. We want to provide our clients with the most contemporary and competitive security systems in the market. We are constantly broadening our field of knowledge – as confirmed by the manufacturing companies, which provide us all the necessary training certificates.


The security systems we offer are adjustable to the individual needs of each one of you. Our goal is to find the best solution, which will make you feel truly safe.


Contact us, and our impeccably trained staff will respond directly to your request.



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